Love of Kill Coming to Crunchyroll in 2022!

The latest excitement is that “Love of Kill” is coming to Crunchyroll next year and the creators behind the upcoming action-romance anime asked to distribute some unique information for announcements. If you’re Anime lover, must watch The Beginning After the end chapter 335 for free.

Its industry panel is at V-CRX Crunchyroll right now announced that the coming soon suspenseful action romantic anime season is going to be live Love of Kill in next year 2022, the service will be available from that day. Enjoy Netflix Mod APK For PC with unlimited premium facilities. We are pleased to say that an official PV, cast comments, and a message and illustration from Fe! Get your Crunchyroll Premium APK to watch anime and manga online ads free. If you’re lover of Yuri Anime and looking for a list, go for the Top Yuri Anime available on Netflix MOD APK. Must watch God of Martial Arts manga with subtitles for free.


Original Story: Fe (MF Comics Gene Series/Published by KADOKAWA)

Director: Hideaki Oba

Series Composition & Script: Ayumu Hisao

Character Designer: Yoko Sato

Music: Kei Yoshikawa

Music Production: Platinum

Music Production in Cooperation with Miracle Bus

Animation Production: platinumvision

Produced by LOVE of KILL Production Committee

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